High Pressure Drainage Polyurethane Hose

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Large flow remote water supply hose is a kind of high-end hose with flat coil for positive pressure conveying. It is made of TPU or rubber inner layer, fiber reinforced layer and TPU or rubber outer layer by one-step forming and co extrusion. It has large caliber, large flow, and can meet the high-pressure requirements of remote water supply (working pressure reaches 13 kg, tensile strength is more than 20 tons). It can play a strong advantage in the water supply process To help fire fighting and rescue work.

The inner and outer rubber layers of double-sided polyurethane long-distance water supply hose are made of polyurethane elastomer with ultra-high wear resistance. It has high pressure, wear resistance, water resistance and aging resistance. It can adapt to various environments and is not easy to be damaged. Even in harsh environments such as mountains, the performance of long-distance water supply hose with large flow is excellent. The unit conveying flow of the product is large, with high strength and long service life.

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High Pressure Drainage Polyurethane Hose


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Note: Parameters such as inner diameter, wall thickness, weight, pressure, color, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

Production process description

Selection of raw materials→→→Braided hose skeleton layer→→→One-time extrusion molding→→→Water pressure detection→→→Coiling→→→Printing→→→Warehouse→→→Packing Finished Product→→→Loading and Transportation

Characteristics of TPU hose

TPU hose is between rubber and plastic, with many excellent characteristics, let's follow Jiangsu Jinluo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to learn about it!

1. Excellent wear resistance: its Taber wear value is 0.35-0.5mg, which is small and medium-sized in plastics. The addition of lubricant can reduce the friction and further improve the wear resistance. 

2. Tensile strength and elongation: the tensile strength of TPU is 2-3 times that of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The tensile strength of polyester TPU is 60MPa and the elongation is 410%. The tensile strength of polyurethane TPU is 50MPa and the elongation is 550%. 

3. Oil resistance: the oil resistance of TPU is better than that of NBR, with excellent oil resistance life. 

4. TPU is superior to natural rubber and other synthetic rubber in low temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance. Its ozone resistance and radiation resistance have special applications in aerospace industry.

5. Food medical hygiene: TPU has biocompatibility and anticoagulation, medical TPU is more and more widely used. Such as blood vessels, ureters, infusion tubes. TPU is widely used in food industry because it is non-toxic and tasteless. 

6. Hardness range: the hardness of TPU is 10a-80d, and it has similar compression deformation characteristics below 15A. The TPU is elastic when the hardness is above 85A, which is a characteristic that other elastomers do not have. Therefore, TPU has high load support capacity and good suction and discharge effect. 

7. TPU hose is generally divided into polyester type TPU, polyether type TPU and poly (styrene) and poly (caprolactone) type TPU hose.


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