Large Diameter flat Hose With Oil Resistance, Aging Resistance And Cold Resistance

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The large diameter flat hose adopts one-time forming and co-extrusion process. It consists of TPU inner rubber layer, fiber reinforced braided layer and TPU outer rubber layer.

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Large diameter flat hose


Special process

The conductive metal wire is added to the fiber braid to solve the problem of the hose. The static electricity generated during the oil transportation process fully guarantees the safety of oil transportation and the high efficiency of transportation efficiency. It can transport gas, water, oil and other media without pollution to the transportation medium.

Practical use

As we all know, the remote water supply system is to ensure the water reserves of firefighters in the process of fire fighting, because not all the fire sources are surrounded by lakes or fire hydrants, which requires a set of remote water supply system to supply water from the remote lakes and rivers to the fire operation site, so that firefighters can control the fire in time.

The fire engine used in the remote water supply system is called the pump fire engine. The diesel engine pump is put into the water source, and then the water source is transported to the first-line fire fighting operation through the pre laid remote water supply hose. This is the basic process of remote water supply. Fire fighting and rescue is not only to solve the problem of water supply, but also to solve the problem of time. The large flow remote water supply hose adopts one-step forming coextrusion process, with long length, soft texture and fast laying speed, which can greatly improve the rescue efficiency and reduce the rescue cost. Remote water supply hose is widely used in urban emergency water supply and drainage system (fire protection, water pollution, flood, etc.), which can quickly solve the problem of water supply and drainage in emergency.

Features and advantages

Large flow remote water supply hose is a kind of high-end hose with flat coil for positive pressure conveying. It is made of TPU or rubber inner layer, fiber reinforced layer and TPU or rubber outer layer by one-step forming and co extrusion. It has large caliber, large flow, and can meet the high-pressure requirements of remote water supply (working pressure reaches 13 kg, tensile strength is more than 20 tons). It can play a strong advantage in the water supply process To help fire fighting and rescue work.

The inner and outer rubber layers of double-sided polyurethane long-distance water supply hose are made of polyurethane elastomer with ultra-high wear resistance. It has high pressure, wear resistance, water resistance and aging resistance. It can adapt to various environments and is not easy to be damaged. Even in harsh environments such as mountains, the performance of long-distance water supply hose with large flow is excellent. The unit conveying flow of the product is large, with high strength and long service life.

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