How to prolong service life of fire hoses

Firefighters often find that the first damaged part of any fire hose is the folding line, whether in fire fighting or fire drill. This is mainly due to the small folding contact area and large wear of the hose. Often a hose is good everywhere. Because the folding line is broken and can’t be used, it has to be scrapped. It’s a pity. Today, the fire hose manufacturer will share with you the methods to prolong the service time of the fire hose. In fact, as long as the folding line position of the hose is changed frequently, the service life will be greatly prolonged. The methods mainly include the following three points:

1.Straighten the water hose for folding the new suture, and then fill it with water to make the water hose slightly rigid, so as to facilitate the folding of the new suture;


2. Two people in each hose section fold a roll at the same time. One person folds the suture from any end point by hand, and the other person follows and rolls it according to the new fold.

3. After the hose is rolled and dried, its new folding line can be fixed. According to this method, any type of hose can greatly prolong the service life.

The above is the fire hose manufacturer’s summary of the methods to prolong the service life of the fire hose. I hope it can inspire you. If you still have any questions, please call to discuss.

Post time: Mar-28-2022

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