Polyurethane High Pressure Drainage Hose For Mining Use

Short Description:

It is a kind of high-pressure water and oil delivery hose with positive pressure and flat coil. It adopts one-time forming co extrusion process and is composed of TPU inner adhesive layer, fiber reinforced layer and TPU outer adhesive layer. Conductive metal wire is added to the fiber layer to solve the electrostatic problem caused by the hose in the oil delivery process, fully ensure the safe and efficient transportation efficiency of oil, and can transport gas, water, oil and other media, No pollution to the conveying medium.

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Polyurethane Hose For Mining


Features  And   Scope


light weight, high pressure bearing, high conveying efficiency, soft texture, winding, convenient operation, fast laying and withdrawal speed, flexible, strong environmental adaptability, safe, reliable and durable use.

 Scope of application:

it can be widely used for oil supply, laying temporary transmission lines, transportation of mortar and cement in the field of Petroleum Survey, etc

Installation of pipe joint

Welded pipe joint has the characteristics of reliable connection, high pressure resistance, temperature resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work, etc. Welded pipe joint consists of three parts: joint body, ferrule and nut. When the ferrule and nut sleeve are inserted into the joint body on the steel pipe and the nut is tightened, the outer side of the front end of the ferrule fits with the conical surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, simple installation and durability.

Attention for installation of welded pipe joint:

1. At the end of the steel pipe, the inner and outer surfaces are slightly deburred.

2. The preparation of steel pipe must be practical and precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe.

3. In order to ensure the installation effect of the joint body, the pre installation should be carried out first.

4. Check whether the steel pipe has protrusion and finish the pre installation.

5. Apply a small amount of grease on the ferrule and make sure it is not installed reversely.

6. Screw the nut on the joint body with a wrench, and the installation is finished.

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